Sonic FD was an Amiga game made by SEGA of Europe, which is a port of the game Sonic CD.

Notice the differences.

It was ported on May 11, 1994.

Layout changes

Even though Sonic FD is largely identical to Sonic CD, a few layout changes were made:

  • At the start of Palmtree Panic Zone 1, an extra ring has been added.
  • A trick from Palmtree Panic Zone 1 that had the secret pathway that ended in the Sonic-shaped hole with his dieing pose can be now used to time-travel.
  • The machine-generator from the past of PPZ 1 has
    an Anton instead of a Kamemusi alongside it.
  • The loop that had a Future sign in it was replaced with a Past sign, and the Past sign alongside two monitors and three rings was also replaced with a Future sign (in PPZ 2).
  • Amy acts differently: if you run she will latch on you, but if you stop she will stand. In the original Mega CD version, she will chase you even if you stand.
  • At the start of Collision Chaos Zone 1, Amy has a different, lower-quality "eek" voice and also has a static sprite.
  • A  curved room from the past of CCZ 1 has two bumpers instead of one.
  • The spikes at about the end of Collision Chaos Zone 3 are vertical instead of horizontal.
  • Sonic drowns in after 35 seconds, which is about 5 seconds more than in the MCD version. This was made because of the slightly slower speed in the port (About 93% out of the MCD speed)
  • An amenbo was added between the location with two springs.
  • The Sonic panel from the 512 beta is back in Quartz Quadrant.

Graphic changes

  • The colors are slightly desaturated.
  • Sonic's pallete has been changed from 4 shades of blue to 3, and his head has been redrawn.
  • Amy's palette also has only 3 shades of pink.

Control changes

  • The speed of the gameplay is about 93% because of limitations. Limitations are because FD stands for floppy disk, while CD stands for the discs we use today now.
  • The sound when Sonic does a spindash-super peel out is the regular spin sound.